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               Photos: Øystein Thorvaldsen

Máret Ánne Sara, Cecilia Vicuña, Hans Normann Dahl, Arvid Sveem, Hans Ragnar Mathiessen (Keviselie), Suophanterror and film program.


Pile o´ Sápmi Supreme in Context at Tenthaus Oslo 2 -17 December 2017. The Pile o´ Sápmi project is a protest against the Norwegian government's demand and enforcement of reindeer culling in Finnmark. Máret Ánne Sara is showing drawings, photographs and a porcelain and reindeer ash necklace. Other projects include Hans Normann Dahl´s works made for the 1978 Alta Action and a film program thematising the contemporary colonization of indigenous Samii people and their artistic strategies. The film program includes short films, music videos and documentaries by Mai-Lis Eira, Elle-Máijá Apiniskim Tailfeathers, Aslak Pallto and Elle Sofie Henriksen, as well as five short films produced by OCA under the title Thinking at the Edge of the World - Perspectives from the North. Legal documents from the case against the state due to to heard in the Supreme Court, 5-6 December in Oslo is also part of the exhibition. Tenthaus Oslo is also collaborating on Pile o´ Sápmi Supreme, a public project at Eidsvolls plass in Oslo 5-6 December. 

Chilean artist Cecilia Vicuña and Máret Ánne Sara, both participants in this year's Documenta 14 will unveil a new collaborative work during Pile o' Sápmi Supreme

Pile o´ Sápmi is a socially engaged art project made in protest to the Norwegian state´s mandatory culling of reindeer across northern Norway, often ignoring the Samii communities´ perspectives. Maret Anne Sara, pushes Pile o´ Sápmi to visualize the dramatic abuse in progress; a major political assault against people, culture and human rights - threatening the  existence of the Sami people, their identity, language and their culture. Máret Ánne Sara is one of a new generation of Sami asserting the rights of her community.

Pile o'Sápmi Supreme is supported by URO / KORO, Samii Council and Tenthaus Oslo and realized with great help from Samisk Hus, ProsjektorPøblene, SALT, Stortinget and volunteers. 
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